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You know our basses, but did you also know that we make our own strings?

Most small, custom builders are content to simply buy strings made by large string manufacturers and put their name on the package. That would be a lot easier, but we are certain that the tone and playability of our instruments would suffer compared to how they perform with our Fodera Strings.

Fodera Bass Guitar Strings are our own, completely proprietary bass strings made by just three people in small batches. They have been continually refined over the past fifteen plus years to ensure that they are the perfect complement to our handcrafted instruments.

Our strings come in a variety of gauges and lengths and are offered with both Stainless Steel and Nickel outer wraps. Years of close consultation and collaboration with some of the finest bass players on the planet has yielded string sets that offer unmatched response, feel and tonal balance.

Find out more about our handcrafted Fodera Strings here!

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Left: Our String "Factory"

Right: Tom, Jason, Ken and Joey discussing a new string design.





Left: Rick's of the reasons our strings are what they are.

Right: Rick, Mary Alice and Tom -- the people behind our strings.