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Luthiers in Brooklyn

Since our beginnings, Fodera Guitars has been located in Brooklyn, NY.  Not the glamorous, trendy "destination"  that some may expect, our wood shop is comprised of a small, dedicated team of roughly 13 people -- all working towards the goal of building electric bass guitars at the highest possible level.

Every instrument passes through the hands of several, if not all, of our craftspeople at some point during the build process. Hand-crafted quality continues to be our focus, as this is the best way we have found to ensure that each instrument is as much of an individual as the person for whom it is built.  We believe that many of the old ways continue to be the best ways.  Many of our building techniques remain unchanged from the beginnings of our company -- proven by founders Vinny and Joey to be tried and true methods to get that extra "something" out of an instrument.