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How to Order a Fodera




We are flattered that you have selected us to help bring your musical vision to life. The first and possibly most important decision that you make is with whom to work as you develop the specifications of your electric bassfretless bass or other model of 4, 5, or 6 string bass guitar. Over the years, we have developed relationships with a wonderful group of dedicated Dealers that are knowledgeable about our instruments and can help guide you through the key decisions necessary to ensure a perfect match between you and your bass. Of course we would also welcome the opportunity to work with you directly. There is no pricing advantage to ordering your instrument directly with us or though a Dealer. Whatever works best for you is fine with us!

We offer two main lines of instruments: The Standard Series and the Custom Series. The Standard Series are entry level Foderas, designed specifically with competitive pricing in mind. With no customizable options available, we can provide the 100% Fodera quality you've come to expect at a reduced price compared to their custom counterparts. The Standards are typically sold in batches of 30 to 60 per year.

Our Custom Series offers a very different buying experience.  Literally every aspect of your instrument can be customized and although the process varies somewhat, following is an overview of what to expect:


    • Initial ideas about tone, specifications and playing style are discussed (via email and or telephone)
    • A rough specification list / quote is developed
    • Specifications are refined and a formal quote is generated (please note that ALL specifications may be changed up until four (4) months prior to the Production Date for your instrument)
    • A Production Date for your instrument is established and emailed to you
    • A specific piece of wood is selected from a number of choices for your instrument’s top
    • You will be contacted roughly four (4) months in advance of your Production Date to verify all specifications and/or make any necessary changes
    • Presently delivery times (from the date we receive your deposit) are running at approximately 10 months
    • The remaining 70% balance for your instrument will be requested roughly two weeks prior to the instrument being complete.


Order your Instrument Directly Through Fodera


 Work with an Authorized Dealer