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 Custom Models


When choosing the specifications for your Fodera, the very first decision to make is the shape of your bass. There are six basic shapes available: the Monarch, the Emperor, the Emperor II, the Imperial, the Imperial II and the Viceroy. Each one has its own look and characteristics, with some specs specific to each model. These shapes have become synonymous with Fodera and have proven time and again that they lend themselves to superb sonic performance, player's comfort, and classic aesthetic style.

Custom Signature Models


Peppered throughout our roster of Fodera Artists are some build specifications that embody a certain style and sound -- so much so that we make them available as Signature Artist Models.  By choosing a Signature Model, you are opting to build an instrument with the exact same specifications of that Artist.  Note: Changing any specifications turns the build into a Custom instrument.

Standard Models


Introduced in 2011, the Fodera Standard Models, are our way of providing you with pro-player quality instruments at a lower price point than our custom shop instruments. The seven available models are the Yin Yang Standard, the Emperor 5 Standard, the Emperor 5 Standard Special, the Matt Garrison Standard, the Monarch 4 Standard, the Monarch 4 Standard Fretless, and the Monarch 4 Standard Special. Each is made with the same quality materials and is handcrafted in exactly the same way as their Custom Shop cousins.  The fact that there is no customization available on these models and that we build them in batches of between 10 and 30 instruments at a time allows us to offer them at a more competitive price point.