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As you know, each Fodera instrument is as unique as its owner. By registering your Fodera(s) and joining Club Fodera, you provide an easy way for our custom bass guitar builders to stay in touch with you about yourcustom bass guitar

In order to use our Registration Database, you must be a Member of Club Fodera. There is no charge for Club Membership and we do not share your information with anyone, ever. 

Click here to register your Fodera Instrument!

Whether this is a new or Certified Pre-Owned custom Fodera bass guitar and you are registering it as part of your Warranty Coverage, or you have purchased the instrument used from a third party, please take the time to let us know where our babies are! Our custom bass guitar builders like to know where their work is being put to use. 


To see the terms of your Warranty Coverage click here.