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All I can say is it's been a great year putting this [bass] together. The time you took to continually find selections of wood is greatly appreciated. But what is a look if it doesn't play well, that would be akin to having a Ferrari with a Yugo engine in it. I can report that it sounds better than it looks (and that is saying loads). It, literally, plays itself smooth, fast, and bright without being tinny or harsh, it cut through a mix of four guitars, one saxophone, one keyboard player and a drummer in a live situation… I can't imagine playing anything else from a manufacturers standpoint.

Derek R. - July 2014

I am truly overwhelmed by the genuine care and absolute dedication of everyone at Fodera - one probably finds people like you guys maybe once in a lifetime (if one is lucky enough!) - I was very worried about my bass choice from the start, since I am a highly anxious person and a perfectionist as well. After this morning's meeting I am so glad I chose Fodera. I believe I understand now what makes Fodera simply the BEST. You gave me the confidence that you are there for me whatever I might need.

- Franz D. - June 2014


I cannot tell you how pleased I am with my Emperor 5 Special Edition that I just received. I have not been able to put it down. I am finding myself playing the bass every chance I get since it arrived. My wife thinks I should have married it since she has not seen much of me lately. I will tell you I have been playing bass over 30 years and never in my life have I owned such an instrument in terms of tone, playability, and versatility. I am totally thrilled to say the least. Who ever thought I could go between a "Killer" Jazz bass tone to a massive "Dual Coil" tone with a flip of a switch. I can play anything from a funky Marcus Miller tune to a Gospel Track on Sunday and nail both types of tone with one bass. I have owned over 20 basses over the years and can tell you - others have tried but no one has nailed the formula like you all with the Fodera Emperor Standard 5 Special Edition.

-Vance E. - October 2013

I say it really doesn't matter what genre of music you are playing, you WILL get a great tone and feel from any bass that has the Fodera name on it. I couldn't be happier with my basses and I can't wait for the next one!

-TalkBass Post - October 2013

When I visited, their front desk had an Emperor Standard jigsaw puzzle (thanks to the bandsaw) because the wood had a small knot or something in it. I thought Jason only joked about cutting a bass to pieces if it wasn't up to their standards. They not only strive to achieve perfection in their craftsmanship, they remind themselves everyday that anything less than the best is unacceptable.

-TalkBass Post - June 2013


I love my MGS#38. Everything that you said it was it is. The sound, the playability, the action etc....  The best part is that the lighter I play (I play very light), the easier the bass is to play. This really blows my mind. It's the opposite of every other bass I've ever owned. So thank you and all the folks at Fodera for your efforts in building one of the finest instruments in the world. It is worth every penny.

-Mark B. - June 2013

I just received my YYD and it is wonderful, as you said it would be. I know how difficult it is to keep turning out work that is perfect, or better than what was already perceived as perfect, but I think you have done it again. It truly is beautiful, and well worth the wait and expense. My only concern is that it will have to compete for playing time with what I consider the perfect bass, my olive Emperor. But I think it is up for the challenge. Please know that of the 3 Fodera basses I own, I will never sell any. They are that special, and I mean that. Thank you again to all that have helped to make this, and the others, instruments that will need to be pryed from my cold, dead hands. THANK YOU!

-Walt J. - May 2013

Yesterday I took delivery of a Matt Garrison standard the first thing I had to remember that it was a "standard". If I had three thumbs they would all be "thumbs up" (plus my playing would be interesting) for another amazing instrument from the people at Fodera. I was reminded why I defend, sometimes rabidly, the pricing structure of a Fodera within this forum.

-TalkBass Post - April 2013


What a bass. Wow, It is amazing. Make sure you tell Vinny and Joey the this Fodera makes my 62P sound lookand feel like if it was made of silly putty. This Fodera kicks a!@#@#$%$*.......... thanks to all the incredible people in the shop.

-Maro B. - March 2013

I have been playing my new bass now for a couple of hours and it is fantastic! Many many thanks to you all for creating such a great instrument! As we say in Norway, "no-one above, no-one at the side". My sincere thanks to the whole team!

-Stein T. - March 2013


-Artie Reynolds - February 2013


Just letting you guys know that we received the Yin Yang yesterday and our customer picked it up just now. We were totally blown away by this bass as was our customer. I knew it was going to be good but it was even better than expected.

-Dan C. (Fodera Dealer) - January 2013

I  just received my new Monarch VW Classic and it is awesome! I wanted to thank the Fodera Family for another example of why Fodera has the reputation for making the finest instruments in the world. I'm so glad that I was able to purchase this bass. What a great way to start out the new year. I look forward to years of enjoyment with a superb Tool of Music.

-Michael S. - January 2013

I am playing my Yin Yang Standard now for 9 days and want to thank all of the Fodera staff and mainly the builders of my instrument for the great work. I have played many instruments in the last 20 years but my first Fodera is the best I have ever played in my life. It sounds great and the playability is wonderful. Everything fits. I always dreamed of a Fodera and now my dream came true. And I promise that the Yin Yang Standard number 98 is not my last Fodera!!! So once again thank you very much for the great work.

-Igor K. - November 2012


I'm sure you hear it all the time, but my bass is the nicest bass that I've ever played. I instantly "connected" with the instrument. Its sounds like the bass that I hear in my head. I didn't expect it to be such a perfect match for me. Its like in the movie Avatar, when they link up with a creature. The bass disappears and its only me and the music. I've never experienced that. You usually have to compensate for something with an instrument. Not here. I waited a year for this bass. I would have waited 5. Your relentless pursuit of excellence is truly inspiring.

-Antoine M. - November 2012

I firstly wanted to thank and congratulate you and the team on creating such an amazing instrument.  I received my Emperor Standard last month and I am completely blown away by how amazing it feels, looks, and sounds.  It is bizarre how you never really understand your potential in bass playing until you get that 'right' bass in your hands.  I've been playing bass for 15 years (10 of those professionally) and I thought I had reached the limit in my technical ability.  Since receiving the Emperor Standard I am playing faster and more technically proficient than ever before.  The bass seems to have unlocked a door of endless technical proficiency.

-Even B. - October 2012

Wow! It exceeds my expectations. I know you call it a "standard model" but this meets every criteria for a high-end custom bass. Besides, I wouldn't change a thing! Thank you!

-James W. - October 2012



Thank you. You guys are worth every penny.

-Anthony G. - September 2012


GORGEOUS!!!!! Got my new bass today! It exceeded my expectations. It is just beautiful and sounds incredible! Thanks a million for finishing it so fast. I am grateful for my new source of inspiration.

-Gerardo C. - July 2012

Wow, this thing is a DREAM!!! Incredibly clear, crisp tone all across the fingerboard and NO BUZZ!!! I can get the fat low tone I'm looking for with the neck pickup and the high solo tone I need with the bridge pickup. Sounds better than I could have imagined! I do feel like I have to search a little more with these pickups for just the right tone, but I can still get it and that's what counts. This bass is absolute perfection. Thanks to the entire Fodera team for this amazing gift!!! Truly worth every penny!

-Joe B. - May 2012


I received the bass just a while ago. Its spectacular! Stunning in every way…. and I'm really glad I went with the 34" scale. I had forgotten how nicely the Monarch fits me. This bass is off the charts…. I needed the lower weight, ergonomics and scale change even more than I realized…. this is so comfortable. I'm beyond words…beautiful…. thank you and the entire crew SO much!!!

-Garey N. - February 2012

I've had my new bass for a couple of weeks now and I just wanted to let you know how happy I am with it. It is everything I wanted from this order and more. The wood combo is stunning both visually and to the ear. It has the deep punch I was looking for. I have a soft attack and this bass gives me plenty of growl. And the slap sound........ What can I say. Even Marcus miller would envy this bass.

-Roger W. - November 2011

Just a very quick note to tell you that my bass arrived safe and sound.  And it is THE most spectacular instrument of any kind that I have ever played!  I cannot even describe how perfect this bass is.  If you've ever made a more perfect bass, I don't know what that could be like.  But I just had to tell you how thrilled I am with this bass.  It could not be more perfect.

-Curtis B. - November 2011


Seriously, I have never played any bass like this. This is the First time I played a Fodera. It is like my beautiful Harley. I never sat on one until I bought mine. I had intended to do the same thing with a Fodera. Like the Harley, I knew exactly what I wanted. Smooth and easy to play is all I can use to describe your bass.  Never have I felt a neck so smooth and easy to play. The Fodera fits me perfectly! Tone is incredible! Feel is "like butter"! I had read and heard the term, "Like butter" but never expected anything to just pop in my mind as soon as I started playing! The sustain is incredible! It is just totally beautiful and perfect in every way.

I can let you have it when I feel things are not fair or aren't going as promised or anticipated. But I can also give recognition when things go above and beyond expectations. That is how I feel about my bass. It is, in a word...... incredible. I never knew an instrument could be so compelling, so articulate, so........lovely! And I treat it so! Never before have I had this type of relationship with a bass I have owned. Owning this instrument has bought a renewed sense urgency and excitement to playing music again. Almost like being in love :-). ( I know....I stole the song title ) So inspiring!

-Emanuel G. - August 2011

My beautiful bass showed up yesterday afternoon.   I spent the better part of the evening getting to know her.  And, I must say I am more than 100% satisfied so far.  I dialed in an EQ setting that I liked and spent the rest of the time just playing.  That is exactly what I was going for.

-Thomas W. - August 2011


They nailed it man..   This is perfect...  I can reach every note with ease.  Just played for an hour and it didn't hurt my hands at all. Tone is amazing.  I am going to start gigging with it right away. I love the string spacing, nut, 24th width, bridge spacing all perfect for me..   Zero transition going from the 4 to the 5.  It falls perfectly under my fingers.  The weight (or lack there of) is perfect..  Love the feel of the ash neck..  It has a broken in natural feel already. And the top!!!!   What can I say?   I can't wait for the talk bass folks to see this.. Stunning and warm just like the sound. Man I just can't say enough about how much I appreciate you and that you stuck by me and made this happen. The craftsmanship is over the top. It is absolutely perfect and you've made me a very happy musician..

-Guy L. - December 2010

I am most thankful to be part of such a loving and professional family that just so happens to craft the best Basses in the world. I proudly play my bass at every session that I get hired for, and look so forward to adding my new Fodera bass to my sub-sonic  arsenal of sound.

-Prescott Niles - December 2010

Please thank the team for this incredible instrument. Can't wait to use her on the record.

-Mitchell K. - November 2010


I received my bass 1 hour ago!!!!! It's an AMAZING instrument, it looks so beautiful!!!! Sound - it`s fantastic!! Amazing!! I don't know, how to tell you about my emotions!? It has surpassed all my expectations!! Thank you SO MUCH!!! Thanks a lot employees of FODERA!!! Thanks SO MUCH!!!

-Valery U. - October 2010

I just picked up my Fodera at the office today. I took my AG500-112C combo along so I could play it right there. Man! The top is beautiful, and it sounds as good as it looks. It has the exact Fodera tone I was hoping for ... real clean from bottom to top. One thing that really stands out is the setup you did on it. The action is just perfect for me. None of my other basses have that Fodera/Pope tone. This really works as the capstone of my collection.

-Mike - August 2010

You're the best.  Seriously.

-Leo K. - April 2010


Thanks so much for allowing us to visit Fodera last week.  I learned a lot about your manufacturing process and was very glad to be able to play your basses to help narrow in on the sound I am looking for.  Your assessment of the pros and cons of going with each combination of wood was invaluable.  I am very happy with my selections and look forward to owning a Fodera in the near future! Please thank everyone else at Fodera for their participation.

-Rob K. - March 2010

Thanks again for the serious personal attention, and hospitality. It was so great to meet you finally. We made it home safe and sound and the bass feels super sweet. You guys rock :)

-Tim P. - March 2010

I wanted to thank you for making such extraordinary instruments with such love and artistry. My husband bought a used Victor Wooten Monarch a couple of years ago and Joey refinished it for him to like new condition a while back. He loved that instrument and had many, many, many hours of pleasure playing on it. He passed away very suddenly just a few days ago and I wanted to tell you how much joy his Fodera gave him in the time he had it and how deeply appreciate having an instrument that was so finely crafted and with so much love. Thank you again for bring such lovely music and beauty into the world.

-Frances B. - March 2010


My Fodera arrived safe and sound this morning, no problems whatsoever. It's absolutely beautiful. I still can't believe it's actually here!  Thank you so much, the bass is stunning!

-David S. - February 2010

Thank you for the great setup on my bass yesterday. It feels great! The usual attention to detail that only the Fodera staff can provide.

-Frank D. - January 2010

Well, I am losing my breath...!!!!!!! My deepest and sincerest thanks to all of you for making this instrument a reality!!!!

-Stefan H. - January 2010


I got the beautiful bass today and cant put it down! I just cant, I love it to death already! My father and I would like to thank you for all of your help and generosity, we both really enjoyed the tour of your workshop it is simply... amazing!

-Spencer Z. - January 2010

Freaking awesome.

-Steuart L. - December 2009

As for my Imperial I got the other day, that is the best craftsmanship I've ever seen, and I am extremely happy with it. I like the way you do things.

-Wendell E. - November 2009