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Emperor J Standard Classic - DEPOSIT

-Please note that this is a deposit page only and that you will be notified of shipping costs when final payment is due.-

The starting list price for an Emperor 4 J Standard Classic is $4,450 and after your $1,000 deposit, you will have a remaining balance of $3,450 plus shipping. The starting list price for an Emperor J 5 Standard Classic is $5,900 and after your $1,000 deposit, you will have a remaining balance of $4,900 plus shipping. The $1,000 deposit ensures your order and serial number. Additional charges will be included in your final quote should you choose any up-charged options. You must pay the remaining balance of your quoted price upon completion plus shipping. Once a deposit is made, a Fodera team member will contact you with an expected completion date. Your Deposit is subject to all of of our normal terms and conditions. To review our full payment policy click here.


Emperor J Standard Classic

The Fodera Emperor J Standard continues our Standard Classic Series, but available in a passive configuration featuring Seymour Duncan’s latest retrospec'd Series of pickups providing accurate vintage tone with Fodera playability and construction. The Emperor J is built in Brooklyn, NY utilizing the same tone woods and crafted from the same hands as our Custom Series of instruments, providing players with over 30 years of legendary Fodera craftsmanship. Available in 4 and 5 string configurations, the Emperor J is available in either a 60’s jazz-style configuration with an alder body/rosewood fingerboard or in a 70’s jazz-style configuration with an ash body/maple fingerboard.

While the Emperor J Standard model bass is passive, a control cavity has been routed should you want to add our Fodera/Pope Standard preamp in the future allowing for easy installation. The new Emperor J features Seymour Duncan’s retrospec'd pickups which are the culmination of their 4 decade spanning archive of data on pickup design, detailing every nuance down to the smallest detail. With this collected knowledge, they have developed a pickup that provides period correct, authentic vintage tone. The Emperor J is available in 8 classic satin finishes including Fiesta Red, Candy Apple Red, Vintage Sunburst, Black, Olympic White, Charcoal Frost Metallic, Butterscotch Blonde, and Pelham Blue along with your choice of a Black, White, or Tortoiseshell pickguard.



  • 4 or 5 String Configuration
  • Hand-Selected, Premium Tone Woods
  • 34" Scale Length
  • 22 Frets
  • PLEK’d Compound Radius Fingerboard
  • 3-Piece, Quarter-Sawn Hard Rock Maple Neck
  • High-Mass, Proprietary, Adjustable, Bell-Brass Bridge
  • Seymour Duncan Retrospec'd JJ Pickups
  • Passive Electronics
  • Customer’s Choice of Wood Combinations:
    • Ash Body / Maple Fingerboard w/ 70’s Pickup Spacing [+$250]
    • Alder Body / Rosewood Fingerboard w/ 60’s Pickup Spacing
  • Holly “F” / Buckeye Butterfly / Clay Dots
  • Customer’s Choice of Paint Colors (Satin):
    • Vintage Sunburst (+$250)
    • Natural
    • Fiesta Red
    • Black
    • Olympic White
    • Candy Apple Red (+$250)
    • Charcoal Forst Metallic (+$250)
    • Pelham Blue (+$250)
    • Butterscotch Blonde
  • Customer’s Choice of Pickguard:
    • 3-Ply Tortoiseshell
    • Black
    • White

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