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$2,000.00 Regular price

Emperor 5 Select - DEPOSIT

-Please note that this is a deposit page only and that you will be notified of shipping costs when final payment is due.- 


The starting list price for an Emperor 5 Select is $8,250 and after your $2,000 deposit, you will have a remaining balance of $6,250 plus shipping. The $2,000 deposit ensures your order and serial number. Additional charges will be included in your final quote should you choose any up-charged options. You must pay the remaining balance of your quoted price upon completion plus shipping. Once a deposit is made, a Fodera team member will contact you with an expected completion date. To review our full payment policy click here.  

The Emperor Select is designed from the ground up to be your go-to 5-string bass. An instrument that allows effortless playability, comfort and ergonomics, and the ability to dial in the right sound for every gig. To achieve this every element and component of the Emperor Select was carefully chosen by our team and selected using real world feedback from our players and artists. Combined with its color finishes and Buckeye Burl and Aluminum “F” logo, the Emperor Select delivers on tone and looks.

Tonewoods: The Emperor Select features hand-selected Alder bodies matched with our tried-and-true 3pc Maple neck and a Pau Ferro fingerboard. This combination provides players with a classic full and warm tone yet still has the ability to be articulate to cut through a mix with its Pau Ferro fingerboard. Its an overall balanced tone that allows the bass to cover a wide variety of sounds.

Pickups and Electronics: Our proprietary Fodera / Seymour Duncan Dual Coils have been widely revered for their vintage correct single coil tone and for providing a punchy and focused tone with a natural and smooth upper midrange in dual coil mode. With it’s unique pickup placement, the Emperor Select can capture 60’s style growly bridge pickup tones while also having the full bodied sound and attack for slap style playing.  Matched with a specially tuned version of our Standard preamp, the Emperor Select’s EQ centers have been chosen to compliment the natural tone of the bass while still allowing needed tonal flexibility.

Comfort and Ergonomics: The Emperor Select features a thinner body profile allowing the instrument to be both lighter and provides greater comfort whether on a strap or while siting.  With it’s extensive body contours the Emperor Select is one of our most comfortable basses to date. Additionally, the Emperor Select uses our Dovetail neck joint providing the punchy tone of a bolt-on with the comfort and upper fret access of a neck-through.


  • Emperor body shape
  • Dovetail neck joint
  • Alder body
  • 3-pc Maple neck w/ a Pau Ferro fingerboard
  • 34″ scale, 24-frets, 19.0mm string spacing
  • Fodera Standard preamp
  • Fodera / Duncan Dual Coil pickups
  • Standard control layout
Emperor 5 Select - DEPOSIT
Emperor 5 Select - DEPOSIT
Emperor 5 Select - DEPOSIT
Emperor 5 Select - DEPOSIT
Emperor 5 Select - DEPOSIT

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