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Ryan Martinie "Black Beauty" Standard - DEPOSIT

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Ryan Martinie “Black Beauty” Standard 

Born in Peoria, Illinois in 1975, Ryan Martinie has one of the most unique and technical styles in modern bass playing. He grew up studying jazz, classical vocals, and playing in local progressive rock bands. In 1998, he joined the heavy metal band Mudvayne and went on to be at the forefront of the nu-metal genre. Most recently, he’s worked on his own fusion/progressive rock band Soften The Glare. Ryan has also worked as a guest performer with Kurai and as a live member of Korn.

Since the beginning the process of developing Ryan’s Signature Custom models, we discussed what the standard version of his model would look like. The specifications were carefully selected to provide the same silhouette and core functionality of his Custom Signature models at a lower price point to make it accessible to more people who want the Ryan Martinie sound. It was vital that the Standard still satisfies any of Ryan’s requirements for playing on tour or in the studio. The result is a killer combination of tonal options, playability and range. 

Just like his custom signature models, the Black Beauty Standard features a 34” scale, 26-fret design with a 16.5mm bridge spacing. The body, made of Korina, is capped with a Flame Maple top in a satin transparent black finish and paired with a 3-piece Maple neck and Ebony fingerboard. The tone is massive, harmonically rich, and incredibly touch responsive with a focused and pronounced midrange. It’s unique features are similar to his custom - a shortened Monarch body-style with a deeper cutaway, redesigned bolt-on heel cut to allow for easier upper fret access, scooped fingerboard end, and double-slanted pickup placement. Outfitted with EMG J/J pickups and Fodera Standard Series Preamp, this model retains the hallmark features of Fodera while accommodating the needs of a player as technical and progressive as Ryan.


  • Korina Body
  • Curly Maple Top w/ Trans Black Finish
  • 3-Piece Maple Neck
  • Ebony Fingerboard
  • Blank Fingerboard w/ Pearloid Mudvayne Rhombus @ 12th Fret
  • White Side Dots
  • Black Hardware
  • Bolt-On Neck Construction
  • 34” Scale, 26-Fret
  • 16.5mm Spaced Bridge (String-Through-Bridge)
  • Double-Slanted Pickup Configuration
  • Fodera/Pope Standard 3- Band Preamp
  • EMG J/J 5 Pickups

Ryan Martinie Signature Custom Models:

Ryan Martinie Signature "Blondie"

Ryan Martinie Signature "Black Beauty"

Check out Ryan's current tour dates and info here:



Ryan Martinie "Black Beauty" Standard - DEPOSIT
Ryan Martinie "Black Beauty" Standard - DEPOSIT
Ryan Martinie "Black Beauty" Standard - DEPOSIT
Ryan Martinie "Black Beauty" Standard - DEPOSIT
Ryan Martinie "Black Beauty" Standard - DEPOSIT
Ryan Martinie "Black Beauty" Standard - DEPOSIT
Ryan Martinie "Black Beauty" Standard - DEPOSIT
Ryan Martinie "Black Beauty" Standard - DEPOSIT

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