The “Hybrid” design is the culmination over 25 years of product development between Fodera Guitars and legendary bassist, Anthony Jackson. In 2006, we began discussions with Anthony about building a fully hollow body instrument. In our ever-long quest to innovate and develop the electric bass guitar, we sought to take the bass guitar into new territory that allowed for the ultimate tonal response and in the process we ended up drastically rethinking how a bass guitar is built. Our goal was to blend the sonic properties of both an acoustic and electric bass using a build technique that allowed us to emphasize either side of this tonal spectrum. By using utilizing our proprietary internal bracing and neck construction (for which we were granted a patent), we have both achieved our tonal goals along with effectively eliminating many of the drawbacks of an acoustic or semi-hollow electric design, namely the lack the of sustain and / or feedback in a live setting.

Anthony Jackson Presentation II

Emperor II Hybrid

The first instrument to use this type of build was made for Matthew Garrison with his 33-inch scale Imperial MG Hybrid. Used as a proof of concept, the design was successful in achieving many of the characteristics we sought but the inherent size of the instrument was limiting. By transitioning from 33-inch to 36-inch scale and the Presentation platform, numerous other design refinements took place over the next 6 years – resulting in the Anthony Jackson Presentation II bass. After our “heel-less” method of attaching a neck to hollow-body instrument was granted a U.S. Patent, the construction of the Presentation II began. It is expansive with rich sustain, depth, nuance, and is incredibly even throughout its entire range. Deep, thundering lows give way to clear, rich mids, and bright, articulate highs with a piano-like quality.

Since the the Presentation II was introduced, our Hybrid line of instruments has evolved into our latest addition – the Emperor II Hybrid. This instrument shares the complex internal structure, and many other vitally important design nuances of the Presentation II, yet features a reduced body size and scale length that not only makes the instrument more player-friendly but also enables it to be comfortably played on a strap.

The possibilities are truly endless for our Hybrid design. With so many variables to change and improve, the Hybrid will continue to evolve into new shapes and forms offering players the opportunity to enhance the sound of their playing and explore tones and sounds never before available. For more information on our Hybrid and discussing using our hybrid design on your Custom build, please contact