This option offers a very quick and direct response while also allowing for the full character of the body wood to shine through. (Not available on AJ Presentation Body shapes)


Our Deluxe (dovetail) option shares the same quick and direct response of a bolt-on but also allows for uninhibited access to the upper register. (Not available on Emperor II, Imperial, Imperial MG, Imperial II, AJ Presentation Body shapes, or 6 string models)


Our Elite (neck-through) option has a very immediate response, easy access to the upper frets, but also allows you to further sculpt your desired tone by utilizing various heel block and body wood combinations.



Top Woods

This isn't just a veneer. 

When you pick a top wood for your Fodera, we give you quarter inch slab of some of the best wood that can be found around the world. 

Work with our world class luthiers to find the best tops for your own Fodera.


 Custom Neck Profiles

As a Custom Shop, we are able provide an instrument that is truly fit to your hands. 

Whether you want more upper fret access or just a different feel, we can do it. 


 Custom Veneer Options 

Sometimes it's the small things that set you apart. 

Not only do we offer beautifully matched Peghead veneers, but we also offer veneers on the back of the head stock. 

It's rare to see this feature out in the wild, but not at Fodera.


These are just some of the incredible features available on our custom instruments. Email to find out more potential options for your build!