What is the current built time for a new Custom Series Instrument?

The current build time for a new custom bass or electric guitar build is approximately 23 months.

What is the current built time for a new Standard Series Instrument?

The current build time for a new standard bass or electric guitar build is approximately 22 months. 

Can you take pictures of my Fodera instrument in its build process and send them to me?

Due to our production process and limited staff, we are unable to take pictures of the process. However, for all Custom instruments, we will take one photo of your instrument after its final sanding and email it to you. After that, there will be additional photos of your instrument upon completion posted to the Recent Builds gallery

What do I have to do to become an Endorser?

To be considered, please send us your resume, a sample of your music, links to your website and any social media related pages, and a brief letter explaining why you want to be a Fodera endorser to us at media@fodera.com

What do I have to do to become an Authorized Fodera Dealer?

Contact us at info@fodera.com, detailing which of our product lines you would like to carry and where you are located. A member of our team will respond with a detailed outline of dealer requirements for each of our product lines. 

Why is your logo a butterfly?

When Vinny and Joey first started the company, they contemplated several different ideas for a logo. Working through the various options, they hit upon a butterfly. Vinny hand illustrated a butterfly with a stylized “F” for the body. They decided to run with the idea, and took it a step further by naming their instrument models after different butterflies: the Monarch, the Emperor, and the Imperial. Fodera in Italian means a case or a covering. Butterfly in Italian is farfalla.

How can I register my Fodera guitar?

You can register your Fodera instrument by filling out our Instrument Registration Form under the Resources tab.

What are your shop hours?

We are open from 9:00 am - 4:00 pm Monday-Friday, unless otherwise stated on our website.

Do I need to make an appointment to come to the shop? And how can I make an appointment?

Yes, all visits are by appointment only. Please reference the "Contact" tab for the most up-to-date information.

Can I demo your guitars at the shop?

Yes, all visits are by appointment only. Please reference the "Contact" tab for the most up-to-date information.

Do you give shop tours?

Due to the fact that we are a working wood shop, we do not offer shop tours.

I need to bring in my Fodera for service.

Please fill out the repair form under the "Resources" tab to contact us about service and scheduling. If you are shipping it to our shop, please note that you are responsible for all shipping costs.

Do you work on non-Fodera instruments?

No, we only service Fodera instruments.

What is a PLEK machine?

A Plek machine is a type of CNC machine that levels the frets on an instrument. We now use it for most of our fretwork. The benefit of using the Plek is that it is both more precise than we can be as humans and it allows our skilled luthiers to work on other more artistic and important tasks. 

What is your stance on CNC and PLEK machines?

We acquired our first CNC machine in the summer of 2010 and our second in early 2012. The first machine is what people typically associate with a CNC machine in guitar manufacturing—it’s a machine that is set up to do repetitive tasks like cutting the basic shape of body blanks and necks. The second is our PLEK machine which we have set up to do fret work and some leveling of our fingerboards.

We chose to use our CNC machines to replace some of the mundane, basic and repetitive tasks that our very skilled luthiers would have to take their time doing that added no value to the final instrument. In regards to the balance between hand-crafted wood working and CNC assistance, what we believe is key is where we decide to stop using the CNC and employ real, highly-skilled labor. We use our CNC for rough carving and then leave plenty of latitude (i.e. extra wood) for our luthiers to finish the shaping. As a result, everything we build are very much handmade instruments.

What is included in a Fodera Tool Kit?

Every Tool Kit comes with a Truss Rod remover, a Truss Rod adjustment tool, and a Bridge Saddle Height Adjustment tool. They are available for purchase in our online store.

What if I have a custom spec in mind that is not on your price list?

Sometimes there are customers that have special requests regarding electronics, parts, etc. We can work with you to honor most requests. Pricing on special customization will vary. Contact us and let us know what you have in mind at info@fodera.com

How much is a deposit for a Custom bass guitar? A Standard bass?

Custom instruments require a $2,000 deposit and Standards a $1000 deposit. These deposits secure your production slot in our schedule.

Why can’t I change the specifications for a Custom instrument after my lock-in-date?

After the lock-in-date, the initial steps to build your instrument begin: the woods are selected, the parts are ordered, the neck is built, etc. Due to the nature of production, after these initial preparations the specs cannot be changed. We will notify you in advance of your lock-in-date so that you can make any final changes.

What happens if I cancel my order?

If you decide to cancel your order at any time, whether it is a Custom or a Standard, you forfeit your deposit/s and lose your production slot. All deposits are non-refundable.

When is final payment for an order due?

Final payment for an instrument is due prior to completion. A member of our team will contact you 2-3 weeks prior to completion to arrange final payment. To learn more about our payment policy, please visit our policies page.

Can I pay for my Fodera Instrument after it is completed?

No, all instruments are expected to be paid for in full prior to completion. You will have 14 days from the date of notification to remit payment.

Can payments be made over time in installments?

Yes! Once you place your deposit for an order, you can make partial payments at any time until the completion of your instrument. With every payment you make, we will email you an updated invoice showing your payment history and current balance.

What methods of payment do you accept?

We accept most major credit cards, checks, cash, PayPal, and bank wires. Please note: we do not accept bank wires under $1,000.

What shipping methods do you offer?

We ship exclusively using FedEx. The FedEx services we offer include Ground, Express Saver, 2Day, 2Day AM, Standard Overnight, Priority Overnight, First Overnight, International Economy, International Priority, and International First. Availability of these services may vary depending on your shipping address. Insurance for instrument shipments is also available upon request (quotes vary based on the value of your order).

Can I use my own shipping account if I provide one?

We highly recommend the use of our FedEx account and discourage other shipping options. Using our account allows us the access, information, and control to have your package safely delivered in a timely fashion. However, we will use your FedEx Account as long as a $25 handling fee has been covered (for instruments and cases).