Y O U R  V I S I O N , Y O U R  M O N A R C H
A great electric guitar is first and foremost a great acoustic instrument. At Fodera, we believe tonewoods are the key ingredients necessary for great tone, and with our new Monarch Custom series, players will have a platform to truly dial in their own unique sound. Using our vast tonewood library, you'll have the opportunity to mix and match materials to get the natural response and sound you want your guitar to have. Combined with our proprietary line of pickups from renowned pickup maker Lindy Fralin, the Monarch guitar will be the ultimate tool to express your sound.


H A N D  C R A F T E D  I N  B R O O K L Y N
The Monarch Custom was designed with comfort and playability in mind. With its compact body and ergonomically carved lines, the Monarch gives you a broken-in-feel right out of the case. Its uniquely carved Dovetail neck joint also gives you uninhibited access to the upper frets while having a rounded profile great for bends and chordal playing in the upper registers. Finally, the Monarch's 25 1/8" scale length provides the perfect balance of tension and string response.

You can choose your wood and pickup combinations, including a wide variety of topwoods such as Koa, Redwood, and Quilted Maple, all at no up-charge. Additionally, the Monarch Custom features interchangeable pickup routes allowing you the opportunity to convert your guitar from P90s to single coils to humbuckers with no additional routing.



Fodera Hardtail Bridge

Our proprietary bridge is machined out of a special brass allow that provides great warmth and body to the note while also remaining articulate with great sustain. It also allows the player to have their strings top loaded or strung through the body.





Flexible Control Layouts

By providing extra room in the electronics cavity, players have the options of Vol/Tone/Tone with a 3-way switch (or 5-way for 3 pickup configuration) or designing their own control layout that best suits your playing style.





Dovetail Neck

Our Dovetail neck joint gives the Monarch Custom a robust body to neck connection but is hand carved for comfort. By rounding over the edges of the heel, you'll feel a seamless transition to the upper frets of the guitar.





  • Scale Length : 25 1/8th
  • Number of Frets : 22
  • Nut Width : 1 21/32nds
  • Neck Profile : Choice of our standard C-Shape profile or your own Custom Neck Profile
  • Tuners : Hipshot Locking
  • Neck Material : Choice of 3pc Maple, Mahogany, Korina, Walnut
  • Body Wood : Choice of Alder, Mahogany, Ash, Walnut, Korina, Black Limba
  • Tone Block : Choice of Alder, Mahogany, Ash, Walnut, Korina, Black Limba
  • Fingerboard : Choice of Birdseye Maple, Indian Rosewood, Brazilian Rosewood, Ebony, Pau Ferro


Hum-Cancelling P90s

Hum-cancelling designs have always have always seemed to lack the air and chime of true single coils. Working with Lindy we sought to design a pickup that achieved an authentic 50's tone with all the air and chime we love while still being full and balanced. These pickups utilize Steel Screw Pole pieces and are 2% underwound for a clear tone.




Mini Humbuckers

Built like traditional double coils, these pickups offer a clear and dynamic sound with rich overtones. To achieve this we based the pickups around Alinco V magnets with heavier gauge wire for a warm and punchy tone with a full and rich midrange.





Big Singles

Our proprietary Big Singles are our take on Lindy's innovative hum-cancelling design, offering a warm character with an open tone. Utilizing bar magnets and heavier gauge wire these pickups with capture all the dynamics and overtones you'd want from a classic single coil tone with none of the noise.