Here at Fodera, collaboration at every level is key to what makes our instruments and our company successful. Collaboration with some of the world’s finest players has enabled us to bring innovative designs to the electric bass guitar.  For instance, the collaborative work of Vinny, Joey, and Anthony Jackson gave rise to the single cutaway Contrabass, paving the way for players to explore new melodic concepts with an extended-range bass guitar.  Also, through our efforts with Seymour Duncan the dual-coil pickup, allowing for both single-coil and humbucking capabilities in a single pickup, became a tool embraced by the bass playing community.  In honor of this collaborative spirit, we present to you our latest Masterbuilt instrument designed with Nike Creative Director, Mark Smith.

Since 1989, Mark has been a part of the innovative team at Nike Sportwear.  Bringing new laser technology to the sneaker world, Smith introduced the Nike Laser Pack in 2003, catapulting him into the headlines with a sport culture offering that went beyond product, with an eye toward elevating packaging, event, retail, and storytelling, truly creating next level “product as creative canvas.”  Smith helped elevate Nike product communication and presentation by bringing diverse creative disciplines to projects and team, as well as product, apparel, graphics, and branding design work.  Some of his noted works include designing Nike’s new 78,000 square foot Innovation facility, including the fabled “Winnebago conference room.”, Kanye West’s highly collectible original Yeezy 1, as well as numerous Air Jordan models working in collaboration with Nike Vice President Tinker Hatfield and NBA legend Michael Jordan.

While Mark is known world-wide for his innovative and ecletic designs, many do not know that Mark is in fact a bass player and passionate storyteller. Mark’s proprietary laser tooling was used to burn into the top his intricate maze and line patterns, weaving together the history of Fodera guitars, the collaborative relationship between Mark and Fodera, art, music, family, and the spirit of friendship that continues to this day. Embedded in the patterns are words such as “collaboration”, “team”, references to Fodera such as “1983”, “Brooklyn”, and our partners names. As a special nod to Victor Wooten, Mark included his quote “love makes the difference” on the backplate referencing Victor’s feelings on what drives the Fodera team and why the instruments are so special.  While a key will be provided to the owner of the instrument, it only reveals a portion of all of the images and words contained on the top and backplate of the instrument. Mark challenges viewers to connect one dot and line to the other leading to its hidden messages both big and small. No line or pattern on the instrument is in isolation to the next.

For tonewoods, this Masterbuilt features a Flame Maple top, lightweight Walnut body, Ash toneblock and a 9-pc Maple neck with Bubinga and Ebony stringers capped with a rare Flamed Ebony fingerboard and inlayed with Mark’s signature “Crazy Love” inlay. This combination yields a warm and punchy low end, a slightly compressed yet growling midrange, and clear, bell-like highs. It comes with a set of our Fodera / Seymour Duncan Dual Coil Pickups and our Fodera / Pope Custom preamp.

Masterbuilt “Crazy Love” Specifications:

• Emperor Body Shape
• Walnut Body
• Ash Tone Block
• Flame Maple Top (solid)
• Flame Ebony Fingerboard
• 9-pc. Maple Neck w/ Bubinga and Ebony stringers
• “Crazy Love” Inlays
• Neck-through Construction
• 34″ Scale Length
• 5 String Configuration (19.0mm Spacing)
• 24 Frets (large frets)
• Fodera / Pope 3-Band Custom Preamp
• Fodera / Duncan Dual Coil Pickups
• Emperor Control Layout