Yin Yang Mahogany 5 Standard


The 2020 Yin Yang Standard is a continuation of the signature design and sound of the Yin Yang Series. Featuring two different top wood and color options, these distinctive versions have their own nuances that make them both visually and sonically striking. 

The Mahogany/Black YYS features a Mahogany top, Mahogany Body, Ebony fingerboard, 3 Piece Maple Neck and the signature Fodera Satin finish. This bass has a warmer tone due to the Mahogany body, but maintains that signature clarity and top end from the Ebony fingerboard. 

The electronics package includes a set of EMG P/J pickups and our proprietary Fodera 3-band Preamp, which can be upgrade to a set of our signature Seymour Duncan Dual Coils. The 2020 Yin Yang Standard was designed with a meticulously chosen set of build specifications and is hand crafted in our Brooklyn shop to ensure that legendary Fodera playability and tone.


Mahogany Specifications
  • Chambered Alder Body
  • 3-pc Maple Neck/ Ebony FB
  • Mahogany Wood Top With Black Painted YY
  • Seymour Duncan Dual Coils (Upgradable Option)
  • 34-Inch Scale, 24 Large Frets, 5 Strings
  • Black Fodera 19.0mm/17.5mm Standard Bridge
  • Fodera / Pope 3-Band Standard Preamp